9 months and a few days

How can it be? How can this baby boy of mine be 9 months old?!
I just want to eat him up. He is so sweet and smiley and laid back.
Emmie recently started calling him Eth-Mike and we followed suit. First because it was funny, then it just kind of stuck. She used to only call him Ethan Michael and apparently that got to be too much, so she shortened things up.
So the boy. At his nine month appointment he checked out a-okay other than his flared up eczema. He is in the 22nd percentile for weight and 18th for height.
He is finally, kind of sleeping through the night. He loves his paci and has two little bottom teeth.
And he finally started crawling. Not that we're encouraging it. It's great that he's reaching his milestones and all, but he's also reaching that choke hazard toy that Emmie left behind, or the ponytail holder she dropped, or the safety pin that was embedded in the carpet...not that that would actually ever happen, that one is just hypothetical because no way my nine month old was holding an open safety pin this morning, no no that wouldn't happen.

Jammie day at school today!

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